Advanced Aesthetics

Training Program

Credential(s) Offered

Industry certification, Government license, Secondary school diploma, Employment, Measurable skills gain

Method of Delivery

Hybrid or blended

When offered

Daytime Hours, Evening Hours, Weekends

Instructional Program (CIP)

Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist. 120409


  1. Course Objective:

Description: Advanced Aesthetics

Competencies to be achieved: An esthetician is a person who specializes in the beautification of the skin. Estheticians (sometimes spelled aestheticians) are not medical doctors; instead, they perform cosmetic skin treatments, such as facials, superficial chemical peels, body treatments, and waxing.


  1. Total Cost of Program (include all costs to student including testing, licensure):



  1. Provide a list of all books required for the program (even if cost of books is included in tuition): Educational materials are provided online using the Cengage CIMA system. Students are required to use their own laptops/tablets to access their didactic training on CIMA. 


  1. Provide a list of all supplies required for the program (even if costs are included in tuition): A Student kit is supplied with 90 items (as of 10/26/2021, subject to modification as required by Course changes) 


  1. WIOA Contact for Enrollment Status /Credential Verification:

Name: Anjali Johnson, LE


Phone number: (480)361-8585


  1. Direct Website link to the program:


  1. Additional information:

  • Background check requirements for licensing and background restrictions for working in the occupation: Must be 18+ years of age and possess basic reading and writing skills. 


  • Other requirements needed: Reasonable and punctual attendance four days a week.


  1. Refund Policy (provide a summary if Refund policy is not listed on school website): Refund policy is provided in the school catalog and the Enrollment Agreement. Prorated based on period of attendance.


  1. Credentials: (The following questions must be answered along with a supporting explanation for each)

  • Industry Recognized: (Developed and offered by, or endorsed by a nationally-recognized industry association or organization representing a sizeable portion of the industry sector)

Yes or No: No

Nationally Recognized Industry Association or Organization:


  • Stackable: (Part of a sequence of credentials)

Yes or No: Yes

Career Pathway: State licensed Aesthetician (LE), State licensed Laser Technician (CLT), State licensed Aesthetic Instructor (LEI), many specific certifications in specialty treatments.


  • Portable: (Recognized in other geographical areas; by other educational institutions; or by other industries/companies)

 Yes or No (Explain): Yes, the AZ State license is transferrable, through reciprocity agreements,  to all other US States and many foreign countries.


  • Accredited Curriculum:  (This is referring to the course being accredited,  not the test or school)

Yes or No: No

 Accrediting Agency and link to website:


  1. Credential Attainment Rate: Percentage of students in the last 24 months who obtained a postsecondary credential, or secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent, during participation or within one year after exit from the training program.

100% of IMAj Institute graduates pass the State licensing test on the first attempt and are licensed in one State or another.  We have the highest pass rate of any AZ Aesthetic school.


Program Length (Weeks)




Entrance Requirements

High School Diploma or Equivalent


IMAj Institute, Inc.

WIOA Approved Program


Curriculum Competency Based

Safe and effective skin treatments and diagnosis

Training Location(s)

8370 East Via de Ventura, Suite K-200, Scottsdale, Arizona

Local WIB

7 - Maricopa County, Maricopa Workforce Connections

Name of Credential

AZ State Aesthetics License

Type of financial aid offered or have access to

We offer Sallie Mae Tuition financing, Payment Plans and IMAj Financial Services Student Loans. This program is not Pell Grant eligible.

Refund Policy

Published in the IMAJ Institute catalog on page 28, the IMAj Enrollment Agreement and available upon request.

Is the proposed curriculum currently certified by an accrediting agency or similar national standardization program?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for women?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for men?


Cost Items

Books (Estimated)

$1,000.00 E-Books and Printed Books

Testing/Exam Fees

$240.00 State testing fees

In-State/District Tuition


Other Fees

$200.00 Uniform fee (2 sets)

Out-of-State/District Tuition


Registration Fee

$200.00 Must be paid by student at enrollment

Supplies/Materials/Hand Tools (not included in tuition)

$1,500.00 Training Kit

Total In-State Program Cost


Total Out-of-State Program Cost


Demand Occupation(s)

39-5094.00Skincare Specialists
$12.14 per hour
Required Certification: AZ State Aesthetician license
39-5094.00Skincare Specialists
$12.14 per hour
Required Certification: AZ State Aesthetician license

Provider Status



8370 East Via de Ventura, Suite K-200, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Phone Number

(480) 361-8585

Web Address

Last Updated

Jan 25, 2023


Oct 20, 2021


Dec 14, 2022

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