Computed Tomography Technologist Computed Tomography Technologist

in County, AZ

Job Description


Patient Care
*Obtains patient history.

* Educates patients/families regarding procedures and/or treatment to be performed as well as risk factors and prevention.

* Positions patients appropriately for the applicable radiographic procedure.

* Performs radiographic procedures and analysis according to departmental guidelines.

* Develops and evaluates radiographic results for technical quality, such as density, contrast, definition and distortion.

* Applies learned methodologies with independent judgment according to established policies and procedures.

* Performs prescribed procedures in accordance with established policies Maintains infection prevention standards.

* Maintains infection prevention standards.

* Explains standard procedures and answers patients questions.

* Prepares, cleans, adjusts, inspects and maintains equipment.

* Produces quality images and prepares/presents them with other pertinent patient information for timely interpretation.

* Prepares and maintains accurate documentation, archiving imaging data as needed or required.

* Collaborates with physicians and other medical professionals.

Modality Specific
* Operate head or body scanners to create a computer generated cross-sectional image of patient's internal organs and tissues for diagnosis of medical issues.

* Produces computerized tomographic scanner radiographs of specific areas.

* Determine and set appropriate technical parameters to accurately demonstrate anatomy and pathology.

* May perform obstetric and gynecological scans, abdominal scans, retroperitoneal scans, and radiation therapy localization.

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Posted On: Aug 23, 2023

Updated On: Oct 08, 2023

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