Veterans' Priority

Veterans' Priority of Service is the right of an eligible "Covered Person" to be given priority of service over eligible non-covered persons when referring individuals to jobs openings, Department of Labor-funded training programs and related services (Jobs for Veterans Act [PL 107-288]). The AZ Job Connection registration process quickly determines veterans' eligibility and identifies veterans' resumes listed on AZ Job Connection with an American Flag. You are a "Covered Person" and are entitled to Veterans' Priority of Service if:

  • You served in the military or air service and were discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable as specified in 38 U.S.C. 101(2); or
  • You served in active service including full-time National Guard or a Reserve component, other than full-time duty for training; or
  • You are the spouse of:
    • Any veteran who died of a service-connected disability; or
    • Any member of the armed forces serving on active duty who, at the time of application for the priority, is listed in one or more of the following categories for a total of more than 90 days:
      • Missing in Action
      • Captured in the line of duty by a hostile forces
      • Forcibly detained or interned in the line of duty by a foreign government
    • Any veteran who has a service-connected disability rated as total, as evaluated by the Veterans Administration; or
    • Any veteran who died with a service-connected disability rated as total, as evaluated by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

For more information on program eligibility and Veteran Priority details, visit or contact your local Workforce Center. A list of centers is available on our Contact Us page.