Arizona Assisted Living Caregiver Course

Training Program

Credential(s) Offered

Industry certification, Government license, Employment, Measurable skills gain

Method of Delivery

Hybrid or blended

When offered

Daytime Hours

Instructional Program (CIP)

Home Health Aide/Home Attendant. 512602


A. Course Objective:
Description: This program prepares candidates for a career in healthcare as an Assisted Living Caregiver and Home health aid. Upon completion of this training, a candidate qualifies to take the Arizona Assisted Living Caregiver exam. Formerly known as the 3-Level certification + Med Tech.

Competencies to be achieved: Candidates will be trained in the trade of Caregiving, in the Assisted Living setting as well as the In-home setting; competencies include: Fire and Safety procedures, Legal and Ethics, communication skills, reading a service plan, Infection control, Nutrition, emergency procedures, Caring for the elderly in the home environment, Personal Care skills, Mental health skills, caring for the Cognitively impaired resident, Restorative care, job management, and Medication administration. Additionally, Candidates will receive CPR and First Aid Certification as well as an Arizona Food Handler's Certification.

B. Total Cost of Program (include all costs to student including testing, licensure):
C. Provide a list of all books required for the program (even if cost of books is included in tuition):
None- All course materials are accessible online under our student section.

D. Provide a list of all supplies required for the program (even if costs are included in tuition):
- Training Supplies includes PPE, Handouts, gloves, infection control supplies, etc. (provided)
- Training equipment includes a gait belt, Sphygmomanometer, stethoscope (provided)

E. WIOA Contact for Enrollment Status /Credential Verification:
Name: Jose Rodolfo Guerra
Phone number: 520-338-4402

F. Direct Website link to the program:

G. Additional information:
· Background check requirements for licensing and background restrictions for working in the occupation:
Candidates must be able to obtain a Level 1 fingerprint clearance card (Not Included)
· Other requirements needed: random drug testing, negative TB test or Chest Xray required for employment (Not Included)

H. Refund Policy (provide a summary if Refund policy is not listed on school website):
Denial: An applicant denied by the school is entitled to a refund of all monies paid .

3 Day Cancellation: An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within 3 days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Federal and State holidays) of signing an enrollment agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus $250 fee, as long as it is still prior to entering the school or selected program.

No later than 30 days of receiving the notice of cancellation, the school shall provide the refund.

Refund after the commencement of classes: None

I. Credentials: (The following questions must be answered along with a supporting explanation for each)
· Industry Recognized: (Developed and offered by, or endorsed by a nationally-recognized industry association or organization representing a sizeable portion of the industry sector)
Yes or No: Yes
Nationally Recognized Industry Association or Organization: Approved by AZ Nursing Home Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers.

· Stackable: (Part of a sequence of credentials)
Yes or No: Yes
Career Pathway: The AZ Assisted Living Caregiver certification can be applied toward a Nursing Assistant Advance Placement certification course, as approved by AZ State Board of Nursing / Assisted Living Manager.

· Portable: (Recognized in other geographical areas; by other educational institutions; or by other industries/companies)
Yes or No (Explain): No, only accepted in Arizona unless stated otherwise by the hiring employer.

· Accredited Curriculum: (This is referring to the course being accredited, not the test or school)
Yes or No: no
Accrediting Agency and link to website:

J. Credential Attainment Rate: Percentage of students in the last 24 months who obtained a postsecondary credential, or secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent, during participation or within one year after exit from the training program.
We have a 97 program completion rate; and a 92% first time state exam passing rate.


Program Length (Weeks)




Entrance Requirements



Academy On-Demand DBA Academy for Caregiving Excellence

WIOA Approved Program


Curriculum Competency Based

AL Caregiver- Hartman & Care and Compliance Group

Training Location(s)

333 W Fort Lowell Road Suite 220

Local WIB


Type of Attainment:


Name of Credential

Arizona Assisted Living Caregiver Certificate

Type of financial aid offered or have access to


Refund Policy

See program Synopsis for full refund details

Is the proposed curriculum currently certified by an accrediting agency or similar national standardization program?

Yes - Arizona Nursing Care Institution Admin Board

Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for women?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for men?


Cost Items

In-State/District Tuition

$1,095.00 includes tuition, state exam, CPR/ First Aid (AHA Heartsaver)

Out-of-State/District Tuition

$1,095.00 includes tuition, state exam, CPR/ First Aid (AHA Heartsaver)

Total In-State Program Cost


Total Out-of-State Program Cost


Demand Occupation(s)

31-1121.00Home Health Aides
$18.00 per hour
Required Certification: Assisted Living Caregiver
31-1122.00Personal Care Aides
$18.00 per hour
Required Certification: Arizona Assisted Living Facility Caregiver

Provider Status



333 W Fort Lowell Road Suite 211, Tucson, Arizona 85705

Phone Number

(888) 595-5010

Fax Number

(877) 277-0117

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Jul 10, 2024


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Sep 27, 2024

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