Commercial Electrical Installer Certificate

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Instructional Program (CIP)

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technologies/Technicians, Other. 150399


Program Synopsis Commercial Electrician Installer Certificate

Program Location: Superstition Mountain Campus

Course Objective:
Description: The Commercial Electrician-Installer Certificate prepares individuals for an entry-level position in the commercial electrician field. The program focuses on fundamental knowledge attained in accordance with National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) standards. Options within the certificate allow individuals to tailor their career pathway with additional skill sets. This certificate also offers the opportunity to obtain national certification from the NCCER.

Competencies to be achieved:
* Apply OSHA regulations and safe practices to electrical work sites. (Application Level) 
* Develop professional skills relevant to the construction industry including communication, critical thinking, and teamwork.  (Synthesis Level) 
* Use power and hand tools in a proper and safe manner. (Application Level) 
* Identify electrical hazards and their effects. Understand the effects of electrical shock on the human body. Verify that circuits are de-energized.  (Application Level) 
* Read schematic diagrams. Identify the symbol for a resistor and determine its value based on color codes. Distinguish between series and parallel circuits. Identify the instruments used to measure circuit values. Calculate electrical power.  (Application Level)
* Cut conduit using a hacksaw. Cut conduit using a pipe cutter. Ream conduit. Thread conduit. Cut and join PVC conduit.  (Application Level)
* Bond service equipment. Size the main bonding jumper. Bond multiple service disconnects. Bond enclosures and equipment. (Application Level)
* Outline and explain the installation of electrical system components in residential construction. (Analysis Level) 

Total Cost of Program (include all costs to student including testing, licensure):
Tuition (In-State) 18 x $75 = $1,350
Tuition (Out of State) 18 x $150 = $2,700 
No additional fees.

Provide a list of all books required for the program (even if cost of books is included in tuition):
* Electrical: Level 1 Trainee Guide by NCCER ISBN 9780136908531
* Core: Introduction to Basic Construction Skills by NCCER ISBN 9780137483341
* Electrical: Level II by NCCER ISBN 9780136897282
* 2023 NEC Code Book by National Fire Protection Association ISBN 9781455929368
Different professors require different books. Prices may vary. 

Provide a list of all supplies required for the program (even if costs are included in tuition):
* Boots
* Electrical tools
* Drill
* Driver

WIOA Contact for Enrollment Status /Credential Verification:
Name: Veronica Duran
Phone number: 520-494-5111 

Direct Website link to the program:

Additional information:
Background check requirements for licensing and background restrictions for working in the occupation:
Drug Screening/Pass
Other requirements needed: None

Refund Policy (provide a summary if Refund policy is not listed on school website):

: (The following questions must be answered along with a supporting explanation for each)
Industry Recognized: (Developed and offered by, or endorsed by a nationally-recognized industry association or organization representing a sizeable portion of the industry sector)

Yes or No: Yes.
Nationally Recognized Industry Association or Organization:
Stackable: (Part of a sequence of credentials)
Yes or No: Yes
Career Pathway: Journeyman Electrician through apprenticeship program which follows the certificate program.
Portable: (Recognized in other geographical areas; by other educational institutions; or by other industries/companies)
Yes or No (Explain): Yes. NCCER and OSHA are both nationally recognized programs.
Accredited Curriculum: (This is referring to the course being accredited, not the test or school)
Yes or No: Yes.
Accrediting Agency and link to website: Accrediting Agency and link to website: Higher Learning Commission.

Credential Attainment Rate:
Percentage of students in the last 24 months who obtained a postsecondary credential during WIOA program participation or within one year after exit from WIOA. Not Tracked at this time.


Program Length (Weeks)




Entrance Requirements



Central Arizona College

WIOA Approved Program


Curriculum Competency Based


Training Location(s)

Superstition Mountain Campus

Local WIB

2003 - ARIZONA@WORK - Pinal

Name of Credential

Commercial Electrical Installer Certificate

Type of financial aid offered or have access to

Pell Grant; Scholarship

Refund Policy

See synopsis.

Is the proposed curriculum currently certified by an accrediting agency or similar national standardization program?

Yes - HLC of NCA

Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for women?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for men?


Cost Items

Books (Estimated)

$600.00 See Synopsis.

In-State/District Tuition


Out-of-State/District Tuition


Supplies/Materials/Hand Tools (not included in tuition)

$750.00 Boots, electrical tools, PPE, drill, driver.

Total In-State Program Cost


Total Out-of-State Program Cost


Demand Occupation(s)

$20.85 per hour
$17.96 per hour

Provider Status



8470 N Overfield Rd, Coolidge, Arizona 85128

Phone Number

(520) 494-5444

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Mar 27, 2024


Jan 14, 2020


Sep 27, 2024

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